Welcome to Ideospectus


You have reached the website of Mid North Coast researcher, Dr Justin Gaetano – welcome!

Why are you here?

Good question. (The phrase good question derives from Latin bonum quaestio; academics across the centuries have been using it to mean I have no bloody idea!)

What is this website about?

Broadly, my scope for this website has three lenses:

  1. Practical. To offer research and tutorship consultancy to others, as well as academic supervision and mentorship
  2. Theoretical. To inform others with an interest in the topics I will write about, and to encourage discussion and debate
  3. Personal. I have ADHD (allegedly) and find it enjoyable to write, so this is a good outlet to pursue that leisure

I can only guarantee the precision of Lens 1, but I also hope that Lens 2 and 3 refract something of theoretical or personal interest to you.

What services are offered (Lens 1)?

Through this site, you may contact me for an obligation-free quote to consult on:

  • Research. Whether investigating a market, topic to study, or grant to apply for, Ideospectus can help you at any stage of your project’s development
  • Publication. Ideospectus will ensure your manuscript survives (and thrives from) the brutal publication gauntlet!
  • Academia. Does your lecturer put you to sleep? Are you struggling to study for your exam? Do you have a thesis supervisor who won’t reply to your emails? Ideospectus is here to help with all matters academic.
  • Presentation. Ideospectus can help you with your next presentation – academic poster, conference talk, class presentation, keynote address, press release, etc.

What topics are explored (Lens 2 & 3)?

The Ideospectus blog so far has covered a range of topics, including:

  • Why we are prone to certain biases in risky and uncertain environs
  • Making predictions about drought in Australia
  • The statistics of marriage equality in Australia
  • How success can actually impede progress
  • Why puzzles are good for the aging brain
  • My theory on writing and how it can help you

Potential future topics include:

  • Heavy metal reviews
  • Home music recording experiments
  • Excel functions and tools
  • PhD and post-doc research findings
  • Quantitative and qualitative accounts of life on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia

If you get lost, the Home page lists all of the main areas of Ideospectus. The header of each page also has a streamlined menu.

Thank you for browsing and please visit again soon.

Cheers, Justin

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  1. Hey man, are you a member of the fb group compuglobalhypermeganet? I think I can add you if not, it’s a fabulously brutal Simpsons meme page, and a terrible time stealing rabbit hole. X

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