Ideospectus Consulting is a social enterprise focused on person-centred research and academic support.


Research consulting

Whether researching a market, topic to study, or grant to apply for, Ideospectus can:

  • Assist in all areas of project management, at any stage of the research process
  • Perform a systematic or literature review on any topic, to help you identify specific research aims
  • Help you narrow the scope to a set of testable hypotheses, based on evidence, research budget, and other parameters
  • Advise a sound methodology, design, and analytic method, that will allow you to test your predictions in a valid and reliable way
  • Analyse, graph and interpret quantitative, qualitative, or mixed data, in a way that tells a powerful yet simple story

Publication consulting

Ideospectus will ensure your manuscript survives (and thrives from) the brutal publication gauntlet! Ideospectus can:

  • Assist in all areas of project management, at any stage of the publication process
  • Provide expert advice on how to tell a compelling story – no matter how dry or technical your manuscript is
  • Shop for a suitable publisher or journal for your work, depending on budget, relevance, impact, etc.
  • Review manuscripts in preparation for publication
  • Proof-read and edit manuscripts for grammar, style, structure, and content
  • Update content of older manuscripts, before they ‘gather dust’ and become irrelevant

Academic consulting

Does your lecturer put you to sleep? Are you struggling to study for your exam? Do you have a thesis supervisor who won’t reply to your emails? Ideospectus is here to help with all matters academic. Ideospectus can:

  • Work with you to devise a study schedule, that will optimise your study/life ratio
  • Tutor you in any topic you can dream of
  • Help you to prepare for an assessment or exam
  • Coach students about the fundamental importance of self-care and mindset
  • Manage and mediate respectful communication between student and faculty
  • Proof-read and edit submissions for grammar, style, structure, and content
  • Examine or review theses at the Honours or PhD level
  • Re-purpose old texts – e.g. blog posts into new assessments, or thesis chapters into manuscripts ready for publication

Presentation consulting

Ideospectus can help you with your next presentation – academic poster, conference talk, class presentation, keynote address, press release, etc. We can provide assistance on:

  • Slide-show or poster design, using the ‘less is more’ principle – complement your talk without flooding the audience’s attention span
  • Using simple pictures to convey complex models or findings
  • Narrative structure – telling an interesting story, whatever the topic
  • Audience interaction and engagement, to make even the driest of topics come alive!
  • Effective communication skills – posture, gestures and eye contact; volume and pitch modulation; pace and timing; handling questions
  • Building confidence, anxiety management, and the art of channeling your muse
  • Keeping on track – strategies to memorise your key talking points

Obtaining a quote

Please contact me for an obligation-free quote. If you would like a copy of my CV, would like examples of my work, or have any questions at all, please ask away.

  • Standard rate of pay is $60 per hour, which may vary depending on particular project needs – let me know what you need and I’ll keep it competitive for you
  • I will consider working pro bono for the experience, or for publication credit – just ask
  • I subsidise based on your current situation – please ask about discounted rates
  • First hour of consulting is always free of chargeyou decide whether you want to continue or not
  • If you’re not satisfied with the service, you do not pay – you are free to opt out at any time


If you have received an invoice, you are welcome to pay it securely via our online facility. Paypal, Debit and Credit Cards are accepted.


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